• GW2 Code of Conduct

    by Published on 03-04-2012 08:06 AM
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    OSD-GW2 Charter of Excellence

    Our Goal

    Although in-game success is an important aspect that we all share, the true goal of our OSD Guild Wars 2 Division is to be highly respective of real-life obligations. Membership in the OSD is the equivalent of an extended family so we strive to create an extremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere for all players to enjoy.

    With that said, we will absolutely strive to be very involved in all aspects of this gaming world, from questing, dynamic content and meta events, dungeons, WvW, crafting, role-playing, structured PvP and competitive PvP play. We will leave nothing unchallenged as we journey towards the ultimate success of our guild and its individual members.

    In your hands are simple words. Words written many generations ago by the wisest of our ...