• OSD-GW2 Charter of Excellence

    OSD-GW2 Charter of Excellence

    Our Goal

    Although in-game success is an important aspect that we all share, the true goal of our OSD Guild Wars 2 Division is to be highly respective of real-life obligations. Membership in the OSD is the equivalent of an extended family so we strive to create an extremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere for all players to enjoy.

    With that said, we will absolutely strive to be very involved in all aspects of this gaming world, from questing, dynamic content and meta events, dungeons, WvW, crafting, role-playing, structured PvP and competitive PvP play. We will leave nothing unchallenged as we journey towards the ultimate success of our guild and its individual members.

    In your hands are simple words. Words written many generations ago by the wisest of our order which glorify the state of being that we have attained. Shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield, we form a sacred bond that unites us all in one cause... the beneficial unity of our guild that focuses on certain key principles.

    These key principles form our 'Sacred Silver Oath' that all Silver Dragons hold to their heart. This is our mentality and our word as followers of this mystic Order of the Silver Dragons.

    Take care,
    Zsolaith Kalanwae
    Division Leader – Order of the Silver Dragons

    Community Standards / Code of Conduct

    These are the rules, regulations, and guidelines that the OSD Guild Wars 2 division uses and follows. All division members are expected to follow these guidelines and conduct themselves in accordance with them at all times. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of this code, and may result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the guild. Please note, enforcement of these guidelines is at the discretion of the Leadership Team. Also, the Leadership Team reserves the right to edit and/or change these rules at any time.

    General Guidelines

    1. Respectful Communications - All members are expected to uphold respectful conduct when communicating with other players and guildmates. This applies to in-game situations, our website and on guild/GW2 related websites and message boards. Intolerance for others based upon religion / sexuality / gender / ethnicity / physical disability, etc. is not welcome. We are a guild of HONOR and INTEGRITY, so please reflect that in all public forums. The general rule of thumb is to treat people how you would like to be treated in return. This rule applies to non-guild members as well. Important note: If you are asked by a fellow Dragon to stop a discussion in guild chat or in vent, be respectful and do so.

    2. Roleplay, Chat and Forum Posts- We provide a respectful and safe chat and roleplaying environment for beginners to advanced members of the guild. Please keep it PG-13 in public discussion areas such as guild chat, forum posts and public vent channels.

    3. Debate and Discussion is encouraged – absolutely we want to hear what you have to say on all topics of guild direction, etc. so by all means speak up. This is what makes our guild great! However, with that said, heated topics of a political or religious nature are not welcome in public guild communication.

    4. Drama– People are bound to disagree, and healthy discussion does wonders for a guild! With that said, please apply General Guidelines #1 at all times. If a problem develops, please immediately contact a member of the leadership team so that they may properly mediate the situation.

    5. Elitist Attitudes – We will do our best to be competitive in the game, but we are not elitists. Our members range from light play to hardcore. Suggestions and tips are always welcome on how to do things better in-game, we will never attempt to force our opinions and personal play styles on other members. Attitudes of this nature are not welcome and will not be tolerated.

    6. OOC and IC Guild Structure - The OSD has both an Out-Of-Character and In-Character Guild Structure. One exists as the Division Leadership Team (OOC) for mentoring, assistance and leadership, while the other structure exists solely as the the leadership in the RP setting. Please note that all references to the leadership team will be in reference to the OOC guild structure unless specifically noted otherwise.

    7. Guild Leadership (OOC) - Your Leaders and Officers are your OOC Leadership Team. Our objective is to provide you with as much guidance and assistance as possible within Guild Wars 2. However, everybody in the OSD GW2 division is considered to be equal to each other. No individual will ever be given preferential treatment over another. Also, we are not your superiors. You will never hear us order you to resolve an in-game task or to assist someone right now. However, if you are doing something that is in violation of our Code of Conduct, an Officer will inform you of what you are doing wrong, and that you need to take corrective action.

    8. Interacting with Leadership- If any Member has an issue, problem, concern, idea, suggestion, they are free to approach any Officer to discuss it. If the issue is a minor one, the Officer will address it themselves. If the Officer does not feel comfortable or feels it’s a Major issue, they will bring it to the rest of the Leadership Team for discussion. All Major decisions will be made by the Leadership Team.

    9. ‘Dragon’ Guildmates - All members are expected to treat each other with integrity and respect. Do not ever berate, steal from, harass, or intimidate a guildmate. We are all on the same team, and in order to be successful we need to work together. Any disputes should be settled in a mature manner, and Officer mediation will be available if it is needed. Please try to settle any disputes in private, there is no need to throw spit around in guildchat or on the forums.

    10. Good of the Guild - All members are asked to place the good of the guild as a whole over their own personal benefit wherever possible. For example, if you're off just soloing and doing your own thing, and the guild needs help in a dungeon or dynamic event, etc, we do request that you help out and fill the spot if possible. This is not a requirement by any means, but we do appreciate it when a member helps the guild out when asked.

    11. User Agreements and Terms of Service - All members are expected to read and follow the written rules and policies of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, and any other company/organization/product we make use of. This includes the rules and policies for any game/guild related websites and message boards. Cheating or exploiting of any kind will not be tolerated. If you break their rules, then you are breaking our code.

    12. Roleplaying– Please refer to the roleplay guidelines below that apply to all members.

    13. In-game Guild Status - Guild Wars 2 will allow characters to switch between multiple guilds as they wish while playing the game. The OSD Division Leadership Council within the Guild Wars 2 game expect that you will focus your time and energy towards this guild alone and will keep your characters as members of the OSD. Therefore it is an expectation that you will be 'representing' the Order of the Silver Dragons at all times while playing in-game as a member of this community. With that said, there might be a feasible reason why an ‘alt’ character or an RP character should be in another guild. Special cases and requests will be handled on an individual basis. Please make all requests of this nature to the Leadership Team.
    It IS acceptable to represent for a 'fake/phony' guild that has been created in-game solely for the purpose of getting together with current in-game friends as long as its not occurring all the time. This is allowed because sometimes members want to play and have fun with RL friends in-game, etc. No worries here... however...

    It IS acceptable to represent for a 'fake/phony' guild for purposes of RolePlay as long as its not occurring all the time (specifically for RP events, etc.)

    It is NOT acceptable to be representing in a 'fake/phony' guild for the majority of your playtime. Doing so means you are not interacting and communicating with the OSD community membership, and instead are more interested in focusing all your time and commitment with others. Representing a fake guild now and then, once in a blue moon is fine. All the time is not fine.

    It is NOT acceptable to be representing another 'real/active' guild in any capacity. By this I mean another active guild of any size or scope that has a player-base and forums, and has in-game objectives similar to the OSD. This is time spent away from the OSD community membership and time spent instead supporting another active guild and their pursuits.

    If you are consistently representing another guild, you are definitely giving the impression that you instead prefer to be a member of another community and are showing no interest in this community.
    14. Ventrilo - Ventrilo is a communications tool that allows our membership to experience the full effect of being in a community-based gaming guild. If you feel alone in game and you don't feel that much is going on, or felt the scheduled event experience was lacking or not working as intended... it might just be because you aren't using the communications tools available to you.
    VENTRILO use will be 'Strongly Encouraged' for all players to actively use while performing normal game activities whenever you are playing in GW2. Even though it is not a requirement, it should be strongly considered for usage as a communications tool that allows our membership to experience the full effect of being in a community-based gaming guild.
    VENTRILO use can, and no doubt will be 'Mandatory' during organized guild events, such as Dynamic Content runs and meta-events/dungeons, WvW, sPvP, group or team meetings, as well as other types of scheduled events if the event coordinator advises of such.
    You don't have to speak if you don't want to, so long as you are on to listen to other members that might need help or guidance. With that said, we have several dedicated Vent rooms that allow you to sit quietly in peace if you so wish. All public discussion areas such as public vent channels are PG-13.

    15. Guild Website - We do ask that you stay active on the guild website as much as possible. We don't expect anybody to become a forum junkie by any means. But we do expect our members to cast their votes on any polls we put up, give input in any posts we make asking for opinions, and so on.

    16. Real Life First - We all have families, we all have loved ones. And so we all know that real life comes before the game and the guild no matter what the circumstance is. No member will ever be expected to put the game or the guild over their own personal life.

    PvP and In-Game Conduct

    What you do and who you do it to during PvP play has a direct impact on the reputation and standing of the guild. The community within the game will judge our guild based on the words and actions it sees coming from our members. For this reason, the guild's reputation and standing is paramount within the PvP community. It's really quite simple, if we're known as respectable players, then the community will show us respect in return. If we're known as a bunch of griefers and spawn-campers, we will not be shown that respect. So with that said, here are the PvP specific guidelines we follow. Be aware that some of these might not directly apply to the Guild Wars server environment depending upon release of the game.

    1. Who To Attack - You may PvP openly so long as you keep it respectful. If somebody asks you to stop attacking them so they can finish a quest or exit the zone, please do so. The only people that are off limits are the guilds we have official friendly relations with. These would include any guilds we have allied with, or any guilds we have setup a non-aggression pact with. NEVER, under ANY circumstances, attack our allied friends. It is a Dragon's responsibility to find out who our Allied Friends are. If you accidentally attack an allied friend, immediately apologize. If you are attacked by one, send them a /tell and try to work it out yourselves. If you cannot work it out yourselves, contact guild officers immediately.

    2. Spawn-Camping - This is when you stand beside a player's spawn point and repeatedly kill them as they are respawning. The ONLY time you may spawn camp somebody is if they have already spawn camped you first. We will avoid spawn-camping as much as possible.

    3. Griefers/Griefing - These are players who constantly harass and berate other players with the intention of causing them grief, making them angry, and/or upsetting them. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on griefers. If you grief, you will be guild kicked, plain and simple.

    4. Ganking - Ganking is when you attack somebody with a clear and significant advantage on your side of the fight. If you have a significant advantage over another player, please do not attack them. What defines a significant advantage is up to the Leadership Team, should a complaint be brought forward to us. An example of this would be attacking a player who is 10 levels or more under your current level.

    5. Trash Talking - We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on trash talking. Do not do it. If you do, you will be guild kicked. Keep it respectful.

    6. Lowbie Hunting - If you are PvPing in a zone which is under your level range, you are lowbie hunting. An example of this would be a higher level player running around killing lowbies in a lower level zone. Do NOT lowbie hunt/gank, you will be guild kicked if you do. The only exception to this rule is if you have been called on to help a low level guildmate. And even then, only kill the people that were killing the guildmate and be on your way.

    7. Defend Yourself - If you are attacked by another player, regardless of level, feel free to defend yourself by any means necessary. If you see a guildmate being attacked, you are requested to come to their aid, regardless of the level of their attacker.

    All in all, have a good time out there but please try to maintain a certain level of respectability. There is nothing wrong with tipping your hat to a difficult opponent, it does not show weakness or make you a carebear PvP'er. I'm sure you'll all agree that it's much nicer to hear "Hey, good fight dude!" as opposed to "Ur m0mma is teh suXx0r with c0mbat b00ts!!1!" after a PvP fight. As stated above, if you show respect to other players, you and your guild will usually receive that same respect in return.

    Role-Play Policies (applies to all members within our Division)

    Our community has always been very interested in how we might be able to leverage our Role-Playing talents and imaginations to enhance the overall gaming experience. We tried this out with our Age of Conan Division to great success and all types of our players found excitement and enhanced drive to interact and enjoy the gaming world. RP as well as PvP does wonders to the overall experience!

    Does this mean that we are a hardcore role-playing community? Absolutely not! Just as many members PvP for fun, so do many of our members focus their talents on RP.

    Below are a few policies that apply to how we Role-Play as a guild, and these policies apply to all members that join to ensure that we can exist in this function:

    1. Roleplaying in general - We do not require our members to roleplay, but we do encourage it. With that said, if you end up at a roleplaying event, please try to stay in character while you are there. We do require that you respect roleplayers, and roleplaying in general.

    2. Character Naming- we enforce our own character naming policy that will apply to all characters wearing the OSD tag. Across multiple games, OSD has earned the reputation of being a guild that prides itself on respect, maturity and integrity. We expect to continue this tradition in Guild Wars 2, and we believe that maintaining a reasonable character naming policy is a key part to doing so. As this is a fantasy / renaissance type of setting, we request that character names be as close to the fantasy genre as possible. Characters in the Guild Wars 2 division of OSD may not have names that fall under the following categories:

    • Names that are based on popular and/or well-known real-world figures. (BarrakOhbamma, LaydeeGahGah, GeorgeLukaas, etc.)
    • Names that are immature, vulgar, or offensive in nature. (DarthPenis, MasterBaiter, DrNipple, etc.)
    • Names that do not fit within the Fantasy universe and/or are not "RP-friendly" in nature. (MrPewPew, CaptainPwnerize, Spiderman, etc.)

    The OSD-GW2 Leadership Team will have the final say on whether any given name violates our naming policy or not. We understand that there can be a fine line when it comes to character names, and sometimes a "borderline" name may be brought to our attention. As a result, we will strive to remain as fair as possible when judging any given name. 3. GW Lore - Guild Characters will try to abide by the lore of the Guild Wars Universe. However we are somewhat flexible on this since our Order comes from outside of that universe while trying to mesh with it. 4. RP Relationships - characters may not have a relationship to any major NPC created by ArenaNet, or control NPC owned areas in the game. 5. RP Griefing - Any form of roleplay griefing will not be tolerated. 6. Abuse of the RP environmentBe mindful of other RP storylines and please don't force your roleplay on other players. Player characters should not have access to out-of-character (OOC) information or meta-game knowledge. As well they should not use ‘Godmodding’. Godmodding is a term used in the RP world for those whom create a character that is virtually indestructible during RP interactions. (ie. The player nullifies all RP actions taken against him by explaining off anything that happens so that his character is not directly affected; another form is where the player describes the outcome of their own actions against another character without their input). This nullifies the RP interaction completely and is annoying to most RP players. Internal issues that arise will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 7. Role-play communication in the guild is to be conducted IC (in-character) in all spatial chats (Local / All). All OOC communication is to be marked with double parenthese (()) or equivalent markers while Role-playing. Please try to stay IC when in /say in game.

    8. RP Consequences – the actions of your RP character should always have consequences in the world that you abide by.

    I would suggest that everyone try their hand at a bit of role-play. It’s fun, it can be exciting, and especially in the World vs World aspects of Guild Wars 2, it can be absolutely epic and stunning!


    And last but certainly not least, the most important rule. HAVE FUN!!! Guild Wars 2 is a great game and we want everybody to enjoy their time playing it. We look forward to building our GW2 division into a strong force and progressing through the game with all of you. See you in game!

    Your Pledge as a Silver Dragon

    "By agreeing to our Community Standards, you thereby agree and pledge to the above points and will be accountable to them. We are a family that is loyal, and respect one another. We will stand by you for you are not alone. Always remember that it is an honor to be a part of this guild. Dragons always prevail!"

    Please remember that the Community Standards are an attitude that should permeate and influence your style of play and interactions with others at all times.