• OSD PR team kicks up a storm with NASA by branding the surface of Mars!

    Details tonight on MSNBC.

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    1. Zugg's Avatar
      Zugg -
      Do you see way up there in the corner behind that rock.....yep it's Zugg.....eating a Martian pigeon! Space Squab...yummeeee!
    1. Charsi's Avatar
      Charsi -
    1. Icharus's Avatar
      Icharus -

    1. klown07's Avatar
      klown07 -
    1. Satoko's Avatar
      Satoko -
      I wonder which member in the guild is the martian who did this!?
    1. Tyehimba's Avatar
      Tyehimba -
      Blame it on Ra
    1. Sisyn's Avatar
      Sisyn -
      Who had the party - and forgot to invite me!?!?!?
    1. SilverScale's Avatar
      SilverScale -
      Oh my god! That's awesome! I had watched the Mars launch.
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