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    As we all know, nothing is free. This site and its awesome resources still cost money to maintain. Also, we finally got Ventrilo server back up and running! In that regard we need donations to maintain it.

    As it stands we've use a coupon code to give us a good start on things, but when that expires we will need additional funds to cover continued use. We're off to a good start! Let's keep it up. If everyone of our active members drop a couple to five bucks just once, we can cover a vent server for a couple years.

    If you can't swing it, no worries! Seriously! I'd bet we all know what it's like to be pinched for money. I've been in that place over the last couple years; luckily, things have eased up a bit so I'm able to pitch in. You'd be surprised how far $5 goes when everyone pitches in!

    And that's all we ask of anyone. Do what you can when you can when you want to. We've been around for a while and when it comes down to it, we always get the money we need from our guildies. We really are a great bunch of people!

    At the top of all our site pages are the links to the calendar (which I'm sure you all frequent!) and there's also a DONATE button. It uses paypal, so you know it's all good.

    Hopefully VERY soon we can get our own OSD server back online

    Thank you all for your generosity!

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      Donnie -
      Be sure to check the forum thread HERE for recent updates on donations and how the funds will be used!