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    Join us as we participate in the Guild Wars 2 BWE!

    We are happy to announce that the Order of the Silver Dragons will be participating ...
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    I'd like to take a few moments to cordially welcome our new Guild Wars 2 members that have crossed through our ancient Silver Gates and have taken the 'Sacred Silver Oath'! ...
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    OSD-GW2 Charter of Excellence

    Our Goal

    Although in-game success is an important aspect that we all share, the true goal of our OSD Guild Wars 2 Division is to be highly respective of real-life obligations. Membership in the OSD is the equivalent of an extended family so we strive to create an extremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere for all players to enjoy.

    With that said, we will absolutely strive to be very involved in all aspects of this gaming world, from questing, dynamic content and meta events, dungeons, WvW, crafting, role-playing, structured PvP and competitive PvP play. We will leave nothing unchallenged as we journey towards the ultimate success of our guild and its individual members.

    In your hands are simple words. Words written many generations ago by the wisest of our ...
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    About the OSD - Our Guild Philosophy

    The Order of the Silver Dragons (OSD) are a long-standing multi-division gaming community that was founded in 2006, and exists well beyond any one game, being involved in many gaming environments.

    What makes the OSD unique is our ongoing commitment to mature interactions, our proud display of civility and concern, our desire for adventure and our healthy placement of value on individual effort and communications. We are known across many gaming servers for taking the high road when situations arise, and we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we will always strive to help others. Our continued success stems directly from the OSD officers of our community whom take it upon themselves to uphold these virtues, reminiscent of the fabled Knights of the Round Table, which in turn are mimicked by the community of players within the guild. The source of the success of the officers derives from the wisdom of our community leaders, who have been instrumental in the formation of such a strong community.

    OSD consistently leverages our community talents and imaginations to enhance the gaming experience. We are not a hard-core guild, but our maturity level allows absolute respect for the various playing styles of the community, however we absolutely still engage in competitive play! Recruitment is an on-going active event between our current members, the leadership and the person who wants to join the OSD. The online forums symbolize the key to this success, being the heart and blood of this organization.

    We are all proud to be members of the O.S.D.

    What We Offer

    • A commercial-grade forum that is very active. Our members actively talk within the various gaming communities, as well as discussions of both present and future games for the PC, Xbox360, PS3, etc. There are also forums for general chatter regarding technical issues, books, movies, music reviews... pretty much anything that comes to mind.

    • A commercial Teamspeak server that can be used for raids, groups, pick-up groups... or just to hang out for relaxation with your fellow friends and colleagues.

    • A full calendar system with a robust event scheduling system, and an RSVP mechanism (allowing yes, no or maybe to events).

    • Support and resources inside of the gaming divisions. Our members are never left out in the cold. We take pride in helping our members out with whatever they need across our various gaming divisions.

    • Security in Numbers. Our members are devoted to working together which allows you to quest and adventure in the world with security and peace of mind.

    • Information and Mentors. We have explicit resources to help people learn the specific game and become more skilled, and many of our members are highly-skilled at the top of their class just waiting to pass on their knowledge to others.

    • Frequently scheduled events. Members in our division will consistently schedule raids and events, placing them on our in-house calendar, including dungeon runs, PvP and RP events.

    Interested, or have Questions?

    Becoming a part of a guild is a step towards joining a family. If you are interested in learning more about our community, please take a look at our other articles and information via the navigation bar on the left of the screen. Alternatively you can register on our website by visiting this link (http://silverdragons-lair.net/conten...e-Step-by-Step), then by posting a quick message to say hello.
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    "The Last Bastion - Chronicles of the OSD' machinima is on HOLD for now.

    This production is dedicated to a long-term OSD member named Silverar, who continues to bless the Silver Dragons each and every day, expecting nothing in return...

    The Last Bastion is a mini-series Machinima that follows the adventures of the warriors and mystics of an ancient mystical order formed by their most esteemed member Silverar.

    Long-life dreams, inspiring game and individual sparks creative outlet.
    Source: www.gamezone.com

    Recently, we brought you news of an Age of Conan machinima project called The Last Bastion. Today, MMORPG.com AoC Correspondent Garrett Perkins brings us an interview with the director of that series.
    Source: www.mmorpg.com

    NOTE: If you wish to receive updates to when upcoming episodes are released, please 'become a fan' on my 'The Last Bastion' Facebook page:

    SEASON ONE - EPISODE ONE in HD (8 parts):
    Synopsis: "Mysteries of the past determine the fate of the Silver Dragons as one lone aspirant finds himself forced along a treacherous path he does not wish to follow..."

    If you wish to visit my YouTube Channel, click here!

    Episode One, Part 1

    Episode One, Part 2

    Episode One, Part 3

    Episode One, Part 4

    Episode One, Part 5

    Episode One, Part 6

    Episode One, Part 7

    Episode One, Part 8

    "The Last Bastion" - Chronicles of the OSD *Preview Trailer*

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    We are happy to announce that the Order of the Silver Dragons has now begun recruitment for our Guild Wars 2 division! Our focus will ...