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Thread: GW2 Application - Mike

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    GW2 Application - Mike

    Q: What brought you to our website?

    A: I saw it mentioned in a GW2 forum along with other guilds. I researched it and this looks like a good fit for me.

    Q: This recruitment process requires that we get to know you a little bit. Please tell us a little about yourself.

    A: I am a male in my 30's. professional career. I have hobbies that include working on cars, computers and home stuff.

    Q: If possible, it would be helpful if you could tell us what Account Name you are using in-game, as many members on our site here have a different user name compared to their account name. This will allow us to know it is you.

    A: JerseyMike

    Q: All members are expected to uphold respectful conduct when communicating with other players and guildmates. This applies to in-game situations, our website and on guild/GW2 related websites and message boards. Intolerance for others based upon religion / sexuality / gender / ethnicity / etc. is not welcome. We are a guild of HONOR and INTEGRITY, and we reflect that in all public forums. The general rule of thumb is to treat people how you would like to be treated in return. How do you feel about this?

    A: That is how I feel....part of the reason I am requesting membership

    Q: In-Game Guild Status - Guild Wars 2 will allow characters to switch between multiple guilds as they wish while playing the game. The OSD Division Leadership Council within the Guild Wars 2 game expect that you will focus your time and energy towards this guild alone and will keep your characters as members of the OSD. Therefore it is an expectation that you will be 'representing' the Order of the Silver Dragons at all times while playing in-game as a member of this community. With that said, there might be a feasible reason why an Ďaltí character or an RP character should be in another guild. Special cases and requests will be handled on an individual basis. What are your thoughts on this?

    A: sounds fine with me...I plan on having all characters in the guild.

    Q: Ventrilo is a communications tool that allows our membership to experience the full effect of being in a community-based gaming guild. If you feel alone in game and you don't feel that much is going on, or felt the scheduled event experience was lacking or not working as intended... it might just be because you aren't using the communications tools available to you.
    VENTRILO use will be 'Strongly Encouraged' for all players to actively use while performing normal game activities whenever you are playing in GW2. Even though it is not a requirement, it should be strongly considered for usage as a communications tool that allows our membership to experience the full effect of being in a community-based gaming guild.
    VENTRILO use can, and no doubt will be 'Mandatory' during organized guild events, such as Dynamic Content runs and meta-events/dungeons, WvW, sPvP, group or team meetings, as well as other types of scheduled events if the event coordinator advises of such.
    You don't have to speak if you don't want to, so long as you are on to listen to other members that might need help or guidance. With that said, we have several dedicated Vent rooms that allow you to sit quietly in peace if you so wish. All public discussion areas such as public vent channels are PG-13. Are you okay with our Ventrilo policies?

    A: yes

    Q: If you are accepted as a member of our guild, you will automatically be placed at our 'New Member' position within the game. Please be mindful that this is not a single-player RPG game, but a multi-wing online gaming community. You will be expected to communicate, interact and support your fellow guildies, as well as ensure that you follow our Charter of Excellence at all times. In order to show your allegiance or loyalty to our community, we will ask that you perform certain 'Community Quests' that give you the opportunity to communicate, interact and generally become a member of our community (don't worry, they are enjoyable tasks that allows you to get involved with our player-base). Once these 'Guild Quests' are resolved, you will be raised one rank level in-game which allows you to access all the benefits of our guild. Are you okay with this?

    A: yes

    Q: We have found that guild members have a better gaming experience if they use the forums and the events calender. This allows you to get game information and join guildies in events as your real life time permits. Do you intend on being active on our website forums and events calendar?

    A: yes

    Q: Once you learn how, we would like you to create events or RSVP for other scheduled events as your real life schedule permits. What are your thoughts on this?

    A: sounds good as long as it doesn't interfere with work or my wife.

    Q: Have you been playing MMO's for a while, or are you just getting started?

    A: I played for a few years on different MMO's in the past. I was very active in GW1. just getting back into things with GW2

    Q: We expect all members to submit and update their characters in our Guild Wars 2 sub-forum 'Character Roster' (character name, class, level, possibly build, etc.). Are you okay with this? After reading the above content, why do you think it might be important?

    A: yes, so that my characters are known to the guild and it keeps me involved.

    Q: What kind of character do you typically play? Tell us about your main character you envision, and please list any alts that you know you will be bringing into the guild as well.

    A: to start with I have a basic traditional warrior (somewhat tank like). but I also prefer casting characters and have a secondary elementalist that I will probably play as well. In GW1 I had 3 main elementalist, monk and warrior.

    Q: What type of playstyle do you enjoy the most?

    A: PVE group play, roleplayer.

    Q: If you violate any rules defined within the gaming EULA, you will face disciplinary action up to and including removal from this community. Do you understand, and agree with this rule?

    A: yes

    Q: What time of day do you typically play? How often?

    A: it varies. but mostly afternoon or night, sometimes mornings if not working.

    Q: Are you affiliated with any other guilds?

    A: no

    Q: How do you think you can best help this community? How can this community best help you?

    A: by being an active member

    Q: OSD is generally a "casual, do it all" guild, meaning we welcome players from all playstyles and don't limit our focus to one playstyle in particular. We welcome PvPers, PvEers, Roleplayers, Crafters, etc. For example, while we may offer weekly raids, we are not a hardcore raiding guild that requires you to raid 5 or 6 nights a week. We also do not consider any one playstyle to be more important than another, all members of OSD are equal. For example, a hardcore PvPer will never be considered "more valuable" to the guild than a casual Roleplayer would be. Are you okay with this? Any additional thoughts on this topic?

    A: this sounds great

    Q: With the previous question in mind...We will never force you to participate in any activity or event that falls outside your playstyle of choice. However, from time to time you may be asked to help the guild out if we are short a particular class, or just need to fill up an empty group spot. Are you okay with this? Any additional thoughts on this topic?

    A: sure as long as i have the time to step in.

    Q: We do ask that you stay active on the guild website as much as possible. We don't expect anybody to become a forum junkie by any means. But we do expect our members to cast their votes on any polls we put up, give input in any posts we make asking for opinions, as well as chime in with your thoughts when other members open discussions. What are your thoughts on this?

    A: sounds good

    Q: What previous experience, if any, do you have with the original Guild Wars?

    A: I played for years and was very active. I was in a guild with a few friends and family members (very small guild...just a few members) and enjoyed it.

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    Hi Mike (is it okay if I call you like this?)
    Welcome to the Silver Gates!
    Officers will come soon and complete your application process.
    I hope you will like it here with us
    Guild wars 2 : Account : Satoko.6352.
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    Welcome to the OSD!! I think you will be another good fit for our family / community!

    We ask that all members absolutely review and abide by our CHARTER OF EXCELLENCE at all times, which is accessible by all non-members on our front-page. Please make sure that you completely read the Charter so that you don't have any issues later on.

    Also, please take some time to review the following information for our new arrivals:


    One of the aspects of the New Arrival Information has to do with the concept of our Vassal Rites of Passage (Community Quests). If you wish to have full access to our guild benefits, you would need to get involved with the community via these quests.

    We expect that all members try to stay as active as possible in these forums so that the rest of the guildies get to know you better. Please feel free to take a look around, there is a vast wealth of information at our website. Please become active in our GW2 community by posting and getting involved with the other members here in the OSD.

    Permissions are all done! You are now a member of the OSD. Please ask us any other questions you may have and we'll gladly answer them. Please get in touch with either Xanz or myself in-game for a guild invite. Alternatively send us a MAIL message in-game, or contact any of the other officers.


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    Hello. Welcome to OSD!
    - Ken

    Guild Wars 2:
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    Welcome to OSD and our GW2 division!
    Add me: Steam ID: Xanfu_____Battlenet ID: Xanz.1656

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    Other Games I Play:
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    Welcome aboard Mike

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    didn't even realize there where gmail blocked the notification.


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