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Thread: GW2 Application - Goulderchauf

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    Yeah, sorry
    Was half asleep when I read your instructions for group requests x(
    That's citizen and member applied to now!

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    Welcome to the OSD!!

    We ask that all members absolutely review and abide by our CHARTER OF EXCELLENCE at all times, which is accessible by all non-members on our front-page. Please make sure that you completely read the Charter so that you don't have any issues later on.

    Also, please take some time to review the following information for our new arrivals:


    One of the aspects of the New Arrival Information has to do with the concept of our Vassal Rites of Passage (Community Quests). If you wish to have full access to our guild benefits, you would need to get involved with the community via these quests.

    We expect that all members try to stay as active as possible in these forums so that the rest of the guildies get to know you better. Please feel free to take a look around, there is a vast wealth of information at our website. Please become active in our GW2 community by posting and getting involved with the other members here in the OSD.

    Permissions are all done! You are now a member of the OSD. Please ask us any other questions you may have and we'll gladly answer them. Please get in touch with either Xanz or myself in-game for a guild invite. Alternatively send us a MAIL message in-game, or contact any of the other officers.


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    Welcome to OSD!
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